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Winter is still with us

Posted by p.bohnert@hotmail.com on March 31, 2011 at 8:17 PM

Two mild February days and we thought that Spring was here. How foolish of us! The snow is back. The grotesque piles of jagged, dirt and exhaust covered black have melted and were replaced with a gentle covering of white. We have a gnome who guards are front door in the winter. We bring him out of the attic about the same time we take in the porch furniture. He has an ever lasting battery that gives his lantern a warm flickering glow. It is a silent reminder that we are still here. He doesn't look all that happy, a full white beard hangs below a red pointed cap that droops so that his eyes are hidden. Perhaps he is just tired of looking at the snow too. He carries a sturdy pole in one hand, but has never taken a step off the porch. Except for when he knows Spring is here and then he marches back up to the attic to languish until next winter. He was a gift from the women who work with my husband. He was a birthday present many years ago. I don't know what possessed them to buy him a gnome, but we are ever grateful. Coming home on a cold night to his yellow light flickering welcome on the porch is truly knowing you have reached the door of home. Hope you all reach the door to your homes safely tonight.

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