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June, 2012 - Intersection of Intent - Available at Amazon.com for Kindle $3.99 - Published by A&M LakeSide Press.  Lives are intertwined when a house explosion kills one mother, a second mother abducts her son, and a third breaks her silence. Each of their boys, now grown, questions what he grew up believing; all three are determined to find the truth in New Minden, Ohio.

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Fall, 2010 - Poppy Seed - Published by The Green Silk Journal, see P.A.Bees on Poetry 6 of Current Fall Poetry    A daughter-in-law's joy over pregnancy, a mother's reminisce and marvel

June, 2010 - I Scan the Obits Published by Halfway Down the Stairs    A small, dark free verse poem - must have written that on a gloomy, winter Cleveland day.         

December, 2009 - Escape!    Child's adventure poem illustrated by Aimee Brown and available for purchase, framed or unframed, at ARBrownCreations@etsy.com

October, 2009 - Vol 1 Issue 1:Rubbery Gore:  Ghostlight, The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers   http://www.greatlakeshorror.com/

July, 2008 – Issue 10:  By grace and by God:  Clockwise Cat, A Progressive Literary Magazine

Summer, 2008 – Volume 2, Issue: 3:   Madness:  The League of Laboring Poets

April, 2008: Tariff on Shoes and Winter on my Cheek:  Both were Second Place        Winners in Reflections Poetry and Prose available at Lulu Marketplace:  Literature & Fiction 

December, 2007 – Volume 4, Issue 4:  Traveler:  The Hiss Quarterly

Fall, 2007:   Fall’s Arrival:  The Green Silk Journal


 Short Stories 

March, 2011 - The Ghost Hunter

Published by www.Untreedreads.com  When the townspeople hire The Ghost Hunter to tell them whether or not a spectre haunts a mansion on the edge of town, they get more than they bargained for. In the end, the town would have been wiser to have read the fine print. A short story in the Spectres horror line.  Also available on Amazon.com


October 15, 2010 - Daniel

Published by www.MidwestLiteraryMagazine.com   Log on to read or purchase the book issue called Green.  Daniel starts on page 331. This light read starts with a Geocache hunt that changes a young man and woman's relationship. 

September 20, 2010 - The Clarent Pin

Published by www.Untreedreads.com     Log on and purchase this short story from either Untreedreads.com or Amazon.com.  

Here's what Untreed Reads had to say about it,  "Russell likes everything in his life perfect and planned. A road trip with his wife results in an encounter with a strange fog. When Janice disappears, leaving him alone in the strange environment, Russell's orderly way of life begins to crumble. What he doesn't know is that there is an order to what's happening, but somebody else is in control. A short story from our Spectres horror line."

May, 2010:  Cenophobia

          An essay on the fear of new places and life experiences.  Cenophobia was published by The Toucan, www.toucan.com

November, 2009:  The Ticket Stub

           A fictionalized memoir of my father's attendance at his first and only major league baseball game, The Ticket Stub was published in Joyful!, http://www.joyfulonline.com

March, 2008:  George and Chocolate Ice Cream

            A fictionalized memoir of my husband’s childhood, George and Chocolate Ice Cream, was published in Halfway Down the Stairs 



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