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 Voussoir Track



Moon makes its glide of hope

Its wane and wax a rebound of emotion

Constraining then freeing my core

Arms hug my chest in anquish

Wrinkled print and bone of body

Keep soft insides from splattering

Messing the lives of others

Depth in the well, darkness then light

Rent the cocoon, arms spread in flight

Miraculous release, jettison of worry

Updraft my soaring life

Disconnected still alive

Manic voussoir track in short time

Arc directed corrects

Moonlight forever changed



Reckless Abandon


We are a species of reckless abandon

For few of the humans of earth today

Can say they use only what they need

And take only to sustain


Certainly lesser brains than ours

Came programmed to this knowledge

Yet humans persist

And species perish


How can we explain to generations

When we have not yet realized

The danger lurking out there

And how the cause is within


Vehicles cause a million deaths

The number of animals killed

On roads, turnpikes and highways

In twenty four cross-country hours


Who looks after their souls

And alerts their kin to mourn

There is a kit who cries

And a fawn and whelp alone


And if you argue it is nature’s way

Why do we shield ourselves

Bend the rules, change the course

And fence the rest


Are there just too many to care

Is it because they have no voice

Without a spokesman they are mute

Without a say they cannot wage war


And stratum still in the man’s world

Where countries do not co-exist

Where one’s way is thought superior

And others less, of course


So if we cannot see

With all of our intellect

How to respect another’s principles

Religions, peculiarities and colors

This artificial world we make for ourselves

Will not be here forever

And no matter how hard we try

And no matter how hard we cry






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